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About Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH


Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH started out in 2008 as a sales agency for graphic equipment (at the time under the name of O.C. Agergaard GmbH). However, we discovered a high demand in customized graphic supplies, especially end seals, due to the increasing diversification of printing applications on the market. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in the printing business, our company's mission is: To develop, produce and deliver functional and reliable consumables of high quality, which contribute to a smooth and more efficient production flow in the printing shop.

Graphic supplies for flexo and offset printing

Today, Agergaard Company produces graphic supplies for flexo and offset printing technologies on 1600 m² of production and storage area at our premises in Celle. All essential steps in the manufacturing chain, from product design, material procurement, production, quality control and dispatch to worldwide destinations, happen in house. Thanks to the modular set-up of competence centers we can flexibly produce on command while holding reasonable quantities of finished goods in stock.

This structure enables us to offer:

  • Product solutions meeting individual requirements instead of "off the rack" treatment
  • Flexible lot sizes from small series to bulk orders
  • Competitive and favorable conditions
  • Short lead times
  • Consistent quality made in Germany

In order to maintain these benefits for our customers also in the future, our internal work flows and production processes undergo continuous checks and optimization.

Agergaard product solution

High-performance solutions that increase productivity

In these times of fast technological progress, the Agergaard Company strives to provide state-of-the-art solutions that support our customers' productivity. Our products are developed and enhanced in close cooperation with leading printing companies all over the world. Each product design is matched to its specific application environment and runs through demanding real life tests before it goes into series production. The result from this best practice are end seals, doctor blades, filters and wash up blades appreciated by our customers for their high performance.


The Agergaard credo is the synergy of dialogue, competence and simplicity. That is why our well-trained staff supports our customers, suppliers and partners both technically and commercially in a straightforward and reliable way. We have high expectations of our service quality and so can you.


Agergaard - Parts for printing excellence

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