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various consumables for sheet fed offset

Various consumables for sheet fed offset presses


Additionally to our manufacturing program of doctor blades and end seals for coating units, filters and wash-up blades, the Agergaard Company delivers various consumables, from the feeder to the stacker, so that our customers can benefit from an all-round service.

Rubber suckers for the feeder

Flat rubber suckers for the sheet suction in the feeder are available in many different sizes. Some machine models, e.g. Heidelberg and manroland, use special shaped suckers.

Flat rubber suckers

Brushes and retaining springs for the feeder

We offer brush rolls and retaining springs for the feeder for different brands such as Komori, KBA and manroland.

Sheet separators

Bearer ring felts

Felt stripes manufactured from high quality wool felt for the cleaning and lubrication of bearer rings. Many models for offset printing units are available and new dimensions can be manufactured on demand.

Bearer ring felts

Coating tubes for peristaltic pumps

We offer two models of coating tubes for peristaltic pumps for the supply of the coating units:

  • tubes at any required length
  • ready-made hose elements with quick coupling
Coating tube

kamLOCK quick couplings

The kamLOCK couplings are manufactured from stainless steel and are used as a coating tube connection. The male and female parts are available in various versions in the sizes ½, ¾, und 1 inch. You can also purchase the matching flat gaskets from us.

kamLOCK quick couplings

O-rings for Siphon-outlet

Ring formed sealing elements to seal the outlet of chamber doctor blade systems. They are made of an EPDM rubber and are available in different sizes.

O ring for chamber outlet

Tools for a simple and safe handling

In order to simplify the handling of doctor blades, end seals and co. and to increase the operational safety in the printing shop, you can choose a variety of tools from our assortment

  • Safety protection gloves
  • Clip mounting pincer for end seals
  • Doctor blade corner cutter
  • Cleaning brush for anilox roller
Agergaard tools

Slow down belts for stacker

Slow down belts are used to slow down or stop the sheets, so that they can be stacked in the delivery. Our current assortment includes belts for the Heidelberg and Komori brands.

Slown down belts