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Agergaard cleanFILTER installed

Filters for dampening water circulators and air/mist removal


A perfect printing result requires a stable printing environment during the printing process. The filters used for dampening water circulators and for air/mist removal play an important part for achieving stable conditions in and around the printing machine.

cleanFILTER for dampening water circulators

In offset printing applications, dampening water has the important task of dampening the parts on the printing plate that should be kept blank. During the printing process, lint, ink particles, etc. can cause a contamination of the water, which impacts its dampening characteristics. Therefore the dampening water circulators must be equipped with special filters.

The Agergaard Company produces cleanFILTER filter bags and filter mats out of a nonwoven filter material which has filter grade especially for dampening water. This nonwoven filter has an integrated filtration system, which traps dust and ink moieties without clogging the fine filter membrane. Thanks to this material structure, our cleanFILTER filters have a very long lifetime that can vary depending on the paper and ink used.

cleanFILTER filter structure

Our production program includes filter solutions for the typical dampening water systems in Europe such as technotrans, Contemp and Baldwin. On top of that it is possible for us to manufacture filter bags and mats according to customer specifications.

Agergaard cleanFILTER dampening water solutions

Cost optimization and waste reduction through adapter technology

For some dampening water systems, e.g. the technotrans beta versions, we have developed a special adapter technology. In this case the filter bag is fastened onto a wear resistant plastic adapter with a tie. The adapter has been developed to fit to the installation situation in the dampening solution tank.

When the filter bag has reached the end of its lifetime, it is simply cut off and the adapter can be reused. This combination reduces the amount of waste and in the end also saves costs.

Simple and quick adapter assembling

Adaptor and filter bag
Insertion of adaptor into filter bag
Positioning of adaptor in filter bag neck
Tying filter bag around adaptor
Ready to use cleanFILTER filter bag

cleanFILTER for air/mist removal

To reduce the contamination of the printing unit, the emission of ink mist and the anti-set-off powder, many machines have ink mist extraction systems.

The Agergaard Company produces filter mats for the extraction systems. Their fine texture catches the ink mist before it spreads in the room or the printing unit. This increases the job safety, reduces the cleaning effort in the printing shop and finally contributes to the printing of a failure-free impression.

The cleanFILTER filter mats for the air/mist removal systems are ready-made and available for many established extraction systems, such as those integrated in the printing unit or those integrated in the delivery. We can also manufacture other dimensions on demand.

Agergaard cleanFILTER for air

Filters for all typical dampening water circulators and air/mist removal systems

We have many cleanFILTER filter bags and mats on stock in order to ensure short delivery times and thus contribute to a smooth production flow in your printing shop. Request our catalogue or contact us directly by calling +49 (0)5141 900 230.