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Offset printing deck

Wash-up blades for offset printing units


The wash-up blade is an important tool when cleaning the oscillating rollers in the offset printing unit before an upcoming ink change. The blade is responsible for scraping ink residues and cleaning agents from the rollers and out of the printing unit. The wash-up blades have a different appearance depending on the machine and installation environment.

washupBLADE R - conventional wash-up blade

The conventional wash-up blades are made out of two parts: the basic steel blade with holes, cavities or a straight border needed for installing it into the holder and the rubber lip which lies against the roller.

Some types of conventional wash-up blades are available for some Heidelberg and KBA models.

washupBLADE P - new generation plastic wash-up blade for higher efficiency

The Agergaard Company has developed a new generation of wash-up blades due to increased printing jobs with small runs, which require a more frequent ink change as well as the demand for a higher efficiency to secure competitiveness.

Our washupBLADE P consists of a thermoplastic, which can be machined with very narrow tolerances. Therefore we furnish the wash-up blade with a special profile, which leads to a very precise contact zone between the wash-up blade and the roller and thus the ink and cleaning agent residues can be scraped off cleanly.

Due to this technology, the cleaning time is reduced to approximately one third of the usual time with conventional wash-up blades. This again leads to a decreased use of cleaning agents, which is in favor of the environment.

Wash up blade cleaning profile

Another advantage of the high molecular plastic used by us, is its wear-resistance and superb chemical resistance to all standard cleaning agents.

Conventional wash-up blades often form grooves in the rubber lip, where the edges of oscillating rollers grind against it, which results in a decrease in the cleaning quality. This problem does not arise with the new generation washupBLADE P. They wear out slowly and evenly. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, a necessary but not too high pressure is applied onto the roller.

Thus our washupBLADE P wash-up blades combine a long lifespan with a smooth but efficient cleaning.

wash up blade mounted in holder
wash up blade installed in printing deck
wash up blade in cleaning process

Broad range of wash-up blade solutions

Our wash-up blade assortment already encompasses many models of different brands such as manroland, KBA and Ryobi.

Have a look in our catalogue to find the correct wash-up blade for your machine.

In case your required wash-up blade is not listed, you also have the possibility of sending us an inquiry directly.

Dr. Dichtung with wash up blade

Quality „Made in Celle“

We produce our wash-up blades at our own production site using cutting, milling and punching technologies at high quality standards. Therefore we can also manufacture special versions for our customers on demand.

So far our longest wash-up blade was almost 4,3 m long!