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Label printing press
  • Agergaard foam end seals for label printing

  • Agergaard rubber foam end seals for label printing

  • Agergaard rubber end seals for label printing

coatSEAL end seals for label printing


Sealing efficiency for every label printing application

Agergaard's coatSEAL end seals, made of high performance materials such as rubber or technical foams, are specially adapted to the narrow web and label printing environment.

For short print runs with frequent ink changes, the coatSEAL LD40 series is for example a feasible option. For higher printing speeds beyond 100 m/min or printing with very abrasive UV inks and coatings, a seal from high tech foam or impregnated felt will provide longer lifetime.

Suitable end seal models for a variety of machine brands such as Gallus, Nilpeter, Mark Andy or Codimag are available. Individual new developments are also part of daily business since Agergaard has their own R&D department and in-house production.

An up to date product catalogue can be requested from our sales team.


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steelBLADE doctor blades from steel


Doctor blade solutions for a clean wipe and reduced ink spitting

Agergaard doctor blades are available in various steel and plastic materials.
In UV-based label printing, printers often face the issue of ink spitting. The special anti-spit blade profile can help to reduce ink spitting because the blade is less sensitive to vibration while assuring a consistent and precise ink transfer onto the anilox roller.

The blades can also be delivered pre-cut to save set up time at the press, especially when several presses with different printing width are in operation


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Agergaard doctor blades for label printing
AkeBoose Compact chamber doctor blade systems

Chamber doctor blade systems


Precision ink transfer with low operating costs

Our partner AkeBoose GmbH is a manufacturer of high quality chamber doctor blade systems for the global flexographic packaging and printing industry. The chamber systems stand out for their precision, clean design, minimum maintenance requirements and low operating costs.

NOVA Compact is a compact chamber doctor blade system offering excellent ink transfer and doctoring performance. Based on an anodized aluminum profile, the slim design can be fitted to anilox roller diameters ranging from 70 to 150 mm. Up to a printing width of 1000 mm, the system is self-supporting. For larger printing widths, the chamber is supported by a solid beam.

Thanks to the special chamber geometry, ink spitting at the doctor blade and back doctoring at the containment blade are nearly entirely eliminated. Since the chamber operates with low contact pressure towards the anilox roller, superior blade life can be achieved. 


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