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Labelexpo Europe 25 - 28 September 2017

Booth 11A14 with Agergaard doctor blades, end seals & more for label printing

From 25 to 28 September 2017 the European label printing industry is gathering at the Belgian captial Brussels for the Labelexpo Europe exhibition. O.C. Agergaard GmbH give their Labelexpo debut and showcase on

Booth 11A14

a high-performance portfolio of printing press consumables that are specially designed for the use in label printing applications both in sheet fed offset as well as flexo printing procedure.

Flexographic label printers seeking ways to optimize end seal and blade performance will find individual advice and product solutions.

steelBLADE and polyBLADE doctor blades

The high precision Agergaard doctor blades are made of different plastic and steel materials, e.g. very wear-resistant tooling steel which offers longer lifetime that carbon of stainless steel blades when printing with white or metallic inks. Special blade profiles designed to reduce ink spitting allow for an even ink film being transferred and a uniform print result.


coatSEAL chamber doctor blade end seals

Agergaard produces sealings for UV label printing at speeds even beyond 300 ft/min from special foam and rubber materials as well as technical impregnated felts. Modern production technologies allow for accurate seal outlines and thus a perfect fit into the chamber and proper sealing function.


Customized end seals and doctor blades support efficiency in the printing process. Reflecting the parameters of a specific printing environment in the product design allows for high functionality, reliable tightness and precise doctoring.

The benefits for the printer:

  • increased productivity
  • less machine down time
  • ink savings
  • reduced time spent with cleaning

These aspects play decisive role in determining the competitive strength of a printing company.


For offset printing presses producing labels from sheets the coatSEAL end seals and steelBLADE as well as polyBLADE doctor blades are used in the inline coating unit. Product solutions compatible with all common machine brands and models are available.

Offset printers can also learn more about Agergaard’s


Booth 11A14 is located on the left part of hall 11 when entering it from the visitor registration point on the city center side. The booth is just a few steps away from the first passage to hall 7.