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Enhanced seal lifetime with lubrication grease

Special seal lubrication grease extends the lifetime and sealing performance of end seals for chamber systems

1. Applicaton contact zone with anilox

2. Application seal edges

3. Application seal side


The lifetime and sealing function of all our coatSEAL sealing solutions for chamber doctor blade Systems in sheet fed coating units and flexo printing decks can be extended and improved by using the special lubrication grease of the Agergaard brand.



We recommend three ways of usage, which can also be combined with each other:


1. Application on contact zone with anilox roller

When applied to the anilox roller contact zone, the friction is lowered and the seal remains wear-resistant for a longer period of time.


2. Application on seal edges

When applied to the corners between the sealing edges and the inside of the chamber, the grease improves the sealing function for a longer period of time.


3. Application to the seal side

When applied to the inside surface of the seal, the grease reduces the risk of coating residues depositing and thus facilitates cleaning.


The lubrication grease is harmless in contact with skin or foodstuffs, which is why it qualifies for use in the packaging printing industry for cosmetics, hygiene papers and foodstuffs. Being colour neutral and odourless, the lubrication grease contributes to a safe and sustainable working Environment.

If used in combination with coatSEAL Longlife end seals from felt, which are already treated with impregation, the lubrication grease can refill the reservoir of lubrication inside the seal, e.g. after rinsing the chamber, which extends the lifetime of the Longlife seal even further.

Also all other coatSEAL end seal materials - except from the coatSEAL AIR80-PTFE seals which gain their anti-frictional properties by a Teflon layer - benefit from the use of lubrication grease in terms of lifetime and sealing function. Some printers even lubricate the whole inside of the chamber, in order to reduce the effort for cleaning when changing ink or coating, because ink or coating residues can stick less easily to the chamber.


For easy and clean application of the lubrication grease, it is available in handy tubes of 100 ml and 250 ml. The tubes make it very easy to precisely doese the required amount of lubrication grease.

Like many other products, the lubrication grease is always on stock at Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH, so that our customers can benefit from short delivery times.