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19.05.2020 08:22 Age: 4 yrs

Anicolor speedCLEANER 75 installed at August Faller

AkeBoose GmbH, an Agergaard Company, has installed a special washing machine for the Heidelberger Speedmaster XL75 Anicolor ink chamber at August Faller GmbH & CO.KG



AkeBoose GmbH has recently installed the first machine of the new cleaning machine generation ‘Anicolor speedCLEANER 75’ at August Faller GmbH & Co. KG in Waldkirch, Germany.

The Anicolor speedCLEANER 75 is specially designed to clean the ink chambers of the Heidelberger Speedmaster XL75 Anicolor printing press. The Anicolor press series is designed for cost-effective short print runs in offset quality. The ink transfer is done via open ink chambers and anilox rollers. To allow fast production and little waste, the Anicolor inks have a special formula. While this is advantageous for the printing process, it poses a challenge in terms of cleaning. Standard cleaning methods reach their limits given the adhesive and highly viscous ink properties.

Fast and thorough cleaning of the ink chambers is however crucial for the overall performance of the printing press. The Anicolor speedCLEANER 75 cleans up to 4 ink chambers per cleaning cycle in just 15 minutes. The chambers are fixed vertically in the cleaning compartment, so that the cleaning detergent and ink residues can drain off quickly. The machine is equipped with both linear and rotating cleaning nozzles, which are placed strategically to cover all areas of the ink chamber.

For easy handling, the machine is operated via touchscreen and push buttons. General settings and cleaning parameters are set on the touchscreen, while the daily cleaning routine is simply done by activating pre-defined push buttons.

The cleaning detergent flows from the cleaning compartment through sedimentation trays, so that ink residues are separated and the cleaner gets purified before flowing back into the supply tank. This makes the process very sustainable and the same cleaning detergent can be used for many cleaning cycles before it must be renewed.

The machine has been running at August Faller already for several weeks already and the feedback is all positive. “The machine is really good, especially the cleaning result is impressive”, says the printing manager at the Waldkirch site.

About AkeBoose:

AkeBoose GmbH is a manufacturer of ink supply systems and special machinery for the international printing and packaging industry. The company was founded in the 1970 in Sweden and has been relocated to Germany and integrated in the Agergaard Group in 2018.


About August Faller:

The Faller Packaging Group produces secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry at 8 production sites in Europe. Their product portfolio comprises folding cartons, package leaflets, labels as well as special designs. At the headquarters in Waldkirch, Germany, August Faller GmbH & CO.KG employs 480 people. The production site is specialized in folding cartons.