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12.03.2018 09:30 Age: 6 yrs

7th-8th May 2018: FTA INFOFLEX in Indianapolis

Booth 649 | Spotlight: end seals & doctor blades for flexible packaging, labels and more

After successful trade shows in Baltimore, Nashville, Fort Worth and Arizona, O.C. Agergaard GmbH exhibits for the 5th time on the 2018 edition of INFOFLEX. The special event for the flexo printing industry is organized by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) in the USA. O.C. Agergaard GmbH presents their latest developments of sealing solutions and individual concepts for different printing applications at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis on 7th and 8th May 2018.


Label Printing

Wear resistant sealing solutions for UV label printing

The foam and rubber foam chamber seals made by Agergaard are especially suitable for UV applications. The Longlife W felt seals with a special impregnation are often used in label printing as well.


Doctor blade solutions against ink spitting

steelBLADE C doctor blades made of fine carbon steel are purposely designed for UV applications. With their particular step lamella they counteract reliably against the problem of ink spitting. This type of blade is also available with surface treatment for ultimate lifetime.


Corrugated Printing

Reduced cleaning effort and machine downtime thanks optimized chamber seal fit

The high end chamber seals coatSEAL Universal are produced from extremely wear resistant rubber material in a vulcanization process. They offer a reliable sealing function, support cleanliness in the flexo printing process and increase productivity.


Elimination of back doctoring with Agergaard plastic doctor blades

polyBLADE S plastic doctor blades are often used as sealing blade. The flexible material seals tightly along the chamber and reduces the danger of back doctoring. Because of its long lifetime and low costs it is a presentable alternative to steel doctor blades.


Plastic doctor blades for longer lifetime

Agergaard wear resistant plastic blade polyBLADE P come close to the doctoring precision of steel doctor blades. They are corrosion-resistant and suitable for corrugated printing. polyBLADE U plastic doctor blades made of UHMW are often used as standard material in corrugated printing machinery due to their pronounced chemical resistance.


Flexible Packaging

Sealing solutions for high speed printing

Foam rubber chamber seals coatSEAL AIR80-PTFE are coated with Teflon. The coated surface reduces the friction from the anilox roller substantially and prolongs the lifetime of the seal. The improved tightness reduces ink loss considerably.


Food Packaging

Skin- and food safe sealing solutions

The felt material of coatSEAL Longlife B and W is won out of special wool treated with a skin- and food-friendly impregnation. The impregnation prevents ink from sticking to the surface of the end seal which prolongs the lifetime of the seal. Thus, this type of seal is ideal for water based applications.


The Agergaard team is happy to give you advice regarding your individual sealing solutions and doctor blades suitable for your printing application.


Under the following link you will find the hall plan in which you can find the exact position of Agergaard booth 649: