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12.09.2018 16:13 Age: 6 yrs

25 - 27 September 2018: Labelexpo Americas

Booth #1850: Efficient consumables and chamber systems to the American label printing industry

High end printing consumables

Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH showcases the latest developments of end seals and doctor blades specially made for narrow web applications, covering UV flexo printing as well as folded carton or flexible packaging printing. Agergaard end seals, traded under the name coatSEAL, are manufactured with strict quality standards from carefully selected high performance materials that create multiple benefits such as extended seal lifetime and ink waste reduction even at high printing speeds. Several new models of full rubber (coatSEAL Universal) seals will be presented. The special production method for these seals allows complex seal shapings for optimized chamber fit and rotational sealing function.


The portfolio of doctor blades comprises different steel materials (steelBLADE series) that can be ground with a special anti-spit lamella to overcome ink-spitting issues. Agergaard also manufactures plastic doctor blades (polyBLADE series) with customizable blade tips. The recently released fiberBLADE fiber-reinforced plastic blades are extremely wear-resistant and thus ideal for coating applications or priming with white.


Precision doctor blade chamber systems

At Labelexpo Americas, Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH will for the first time present AkeBoose chamber doctor blade systems to the American printing industry. These chamber systems are designed for high precision doctoring and easy, mostly tool-free handling. The “KISS impression” principle is based on reduced pressure of the chamber towards the anilox roller which means less wear on both blade and anilox roller in favor of cost-efficient operations. The Nova Compact Small model covers printing widths of up to 800 mm. Thanks to the self-supporting suspension the system can also be adapted to narrow assembly situations.