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1&2 May 2017: FTA INFO*FLEX in Phoenix, AZ

Inform yourself on booth 544 about the newest developments in chamber sealing technology and doctor blades.

The INFO*FLEX exhibition for flexo technologies, which is organized by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) in the USA, celebrates their 35th anniversary this year. At this special event for the American flexo printing industry company O.C. Agergaard GmbH presents high-end chamber doctor blade end seals and doctor blades for flexo applications with proven quality "Made in Germany" on booth 544 in the Phoenix Convention Center on 1st and 2nd May 2017.


coatSEAL end seals for flexo printing

  • coatSEAL Universal seals

High quality long-lasting end seals made of utterly wear-resistant rubber materials which are manufactured in a special vulcanization process. Since the presentation of the first models of coatSEAL Universal seals from in-house production at DRUPA in May 2016, O.C. Agergaard GmbH has introduced further new sealing solutions including compatible seals for TRESU chamber systems, seals for corrugated printing machines from Bobst as well as exclusive special developments of Universal seals for OEM.

  • RubberTop seals

End seals made of two components offer a high resistance to friction and wear while being flexible to fit the chamber perfectly. These seals are often used for solvent-based high-speed printing, e.g. in W&H machines.

Our coatSEAL Universal and RubberTop seals offer a reliable sealing function combined with a long lifetime. All in all, this means more cleanliness during the flexo printing process and improved productivity since the cleaning effort and press downtime can be minimized.


polyBLADE plastic doctor blades for flexo printing

  • polyBLADE S made of polyester

This type of plastic doctor blades is often used as retaining blade. The flexible material seals reliably along the chamber and reduces the danger of back doctoring. Due to high durability and a lower price per meter polyester blades are an interesting alternative to steel doctor blades.

  • polyBLADE P made of rigid plastic

These wear-resistant plastic doctor blades have a very long lifetime and their special doctoring profile almost as precise as steel doctor blades. Furthermore, polyBLADE P doctor blades are resistant against corrosion which makes them highly suitable for tissue printing and corrugated printing.

  • polyBLADE U made of UHMW

This extremely wear-resistant UHMW plastic blade type is the standard material for some corrugated printing machines. polyBLADE U plastic doctor blades show a very good resistance against chemicals.

The experienced Agergaard team is ready to support you in finding the most suitable chamber end seals and doctor blades for your individual application.

Please find the exact location of the Agergaard booth 544 on the Info*Flex floor plan which you can find by clicking on the link below: