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offset press with coating unit

End seals for offset coating units


Together with the doctor blades, the seals play an important role in achieving a smooth doctoring in the coating units. The seal’s function is to close the chamber on both sides in order retain the coating in the chamber.

Increased performance thanks to specific end seal solutions

This may sound simple in theory but practical experience has shown that this can be a challenge.

The seals must fulfil three essential criteria:

  • Correct sealing shape and size, i.e. the seals fit exactly to the geometry of the chamber and anilox roller and seal the corners cleanly.
  • Suitable sealing material, i.e. the seal is made out of a material, which is suitable for the type of coating used and fits to the environment of the application.
  • Correct chamber adjustment with enough but not too much pressure to avoid deforming the seal and creating gaps through which coating could leak.

The Agergaard Company has many years of experience in developing and producing custom-designed sealing concepts. We offer a wide range of high quality seals with which our customers can increase the efficiency of their offset coating unit.

Sealing concepts for coating units suitable for Tresu chamber systems

coatSEAL Universal E – the all-rounder

Our coatSEAL Universal E seals are made of a special EPDM rubber, which is applicable for all types of coating. Universal seals have a high chemical resistance and are therefore especially suitable in combination with UV-coatings since these are partially cleaned with dissolvent.

coatSEAL Universal rubber end seal solutions are compatible for use all Heidelberg and manroland presses as well as most Komori, KBA and Ryobi presses.


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coatSEAL Universal suitable for Tresu D2 chamber systems

coatSEAL Universal P - optimized for water based coatings

The coatSEAL Universal P seals are made of a special rubber, which is designed for a better sealing function when using water based coating

Like the black EPDM rubber version, the red Universal P seals are availaible for the following sheet fed offset presses:

  • Manroland presses
  • Heidelberg presses
  • Most Komori presses
  • Some KBA presses
  • Some Ryobi presses


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coatSEAL Universal P suitable for Tresu D2 chamber systems

coatSEAL Longlife B – specially designed for water based coatings

coatSEAL Longlife B end seals consist of different felt types, which are treated with a special thermo impregnation. The impregnation ensures that the chamber is 100% leakproof even when aqueous coatings are being used, since grease and water repel.


The lubricant used for the impregnation is food and cosmetic safe and is therefore often used for food and cosmetic packaging applications.


The lubricant automatically moves from the inside of the seal to the surface during the printing cycle, which leads to a remarkably long lifespan.We recommend you to lubricate the seals on a regular basis in order to prolong their lifespan even more.


coatSEAL Longlife B seals are available for all Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, manroland and Ryobi models for small and large formats.



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coatSEAL Longlife B end seals for offset coating units

Sealing concepts for coating units suitable for Harris & Bruno chambers

coatSEAL Longlife B – strong for all applications

Our coatSEAL Longlife B felt seals, treated with a special thermo impregnation, have been successfully used in Harris & Bruno chamber systems over the years.

These are installed in most of the Koenig & Bauer presses (e.g. RA105, RA106, RA1042 und RA162) as well as some Komori and Ryobi presses.

While chamber manufacturers use silicon oil for the impregnation of their end seals, we exclusively use a special lubricant, which is food and cosmetic safe.The seals show a remarkably long lifespan and can guarantee a high reliability of operation.


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coatSEAL Longlife B Harris & Bruno

Sealing concepts for inking units - Heidelberg Anicolor, KBA Genius, Karat and Gravuflow


Some Heidelberg and Koenig & Bauer model series also have chamber systems in their inking units, which are respectively called Anilox inking units or waterless short inking units. For these inking units we recommend our coatSEAL ZVK, which achieves high sealing results when used with oil based colors and UV colors.

Our production program currently includes seals for the following presses:

  • Heidelberg Anicolor SM52
  • KBA Genius 52UV
  • KBA RA74G
  • KBA 74 Karat


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coatSEAL ZVK Anicolor SM52

coatSEAL Longlife W for XL75 Anicolor

For the XL75 Anicolor, the chamber set up and thus the conditions for the end seal have changed compared to the SM52 model.

After thourough tests together with our customers, the coatSEAL Longlife W impregnated technical felt seals has proven to work very well with the oil based inks in the XL75 Anicolor.

coatSEAL Longlife W XL75 Anicolor

Achieve a long lifespan by using lubricants

Agergaard lubrication grease

The lifespan and sealing function of all coatSEAL concepts can be prolonged by using our special lubricant.

Dr. Dichtung coatSEAL design

Would you like us to develop a special concept for you?

You are not sure which sealing concept is the best for your application? Or you have a coating application for which you need a special sealing concept?

No problem, our in-house product development team will be pleased to develop a special version for you at attractive conditions, even for small batches.

We will be happy to advise you.