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More competitiveness in
Corrugated printing


with Agergaard end seals and doctor blades




When using end seals and doctor blades especially attuned to pre-print and flexo direct print
you can benefit from:


  • More productivity


  • More cost efficiency


  • More cleanliness


  • More work safety

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  • coatSEAL Universal end seals for corrugated printing

  • coatSEAL Longlife B end seal for corrugated printing

coatSEAL end seals for corrugated printing


Sealing quality „Made in Germany“

End seals from high performance materials such as rubber, technical foams
and impregnated felt provide for realiable sealing function combined with
long lifetime, even at high printing speeds.



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steelBLADE doctor blades from steel


(Print-)Quality with precision

High-grade alloyed and corrosion-free steel blades with a finely ground blade profile
allow for very accurate doctoring and continuously high printing quality.
For special demands in terms of lifetime special steel types can be used.



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steelBLADE steel doctor blades for corrugated printing
polyBLADE plastic doctor blade for corrugated printing

polyBLADE doctor blades from plastic


Advantageous lifetime

Doctor blades from wear resistant plastics like polyester and UHMW offer
accurate doctoring and proper sealing results. Since they do not grind in as razor
sharp as steel blades, plastic blades increase the handling safety.



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We will be happy to identify the most suitable end seal and doctor blades for your individual
application in line with your requirements to pave the way for optimum performance of your
corrugated printing decks.


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