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coatWASH cleaning machine detail

Washing machines for offset printing


In order to achieve a consistently high coating quality, it is crucial to thouroughly clean chambers and anilox rollers. Manual cleaning, e.g. with a brush, often consumes a lot of time, given that dried coating residues are difficult to remove from the fine cells of the anilox roller.


The washing machines of O.C. Agergaard GmbH facilitate the cleaning process in the printing shop by automatically cleaning anilox rollers, chambers and trays quickly, easily and effectively. With these machines, you are perfectly equipped for even coating tranfer on the whole sheet surface, for every print job from its start to its end.

coatWASH for anilox rollers, chambers and trays from the coating unit

The coatWASH machines are available in two different versions. The coatWASH I version can clean components up to format 3B, the coatWASH II masters components up to format 8.

In both machine versions, the operator can choose between 3 different cleaning programmes depending on how dirty the parts are.

The cleaning cycle is based on a special nonimpact process, which cleans thoroughly also the deepest cells. At the same time, the process conserves the surface and engraving.


How the coatWASH cleaning process works:

The coatWASH cleaning process consists of three phases:

coatWASH with anilox roller

Phase 1: Cleaning

First, a special cleaning detergent is continuously sprayed onto the part to be cleaned by a number of nozzles, which are strategically placed in the whole cleaning compartment. The cleaning detergent dissolves the dried coating particles on the part.

For cleaning anilox rollers, there is a drive station which slowly turns the anilox roller, so that the complete surface of the roller is sprinkled with detergent. In this way, the special detergent can react and loosen coating residues even in the deepest cells of the anilox roller.


coatWASH cleaning chamber
coatWASH cleaning anilox

Phase 2: Rinsing

Second, pure water is sprayed with up to 100 bar onto the part with high pressure nozzles.

In doing so, the detergent and all dissolved coating particles are washed from the anilox roller, chamber or tray.

coatWASH rinsing anilox

Phase 3: Drying

As a final step, remaining humidity is blown from the part by compressed air which comes through the nozzles. That means that the part is dry and can be immediately put back into the printing machine.

There is no need for further manual treatmant.

coatWASH drying chamber
coatWASH drying anilox

Cleaning effectively, economically and environmentally friendly

Depending on how dirty the part is, the cleaning process takes just 30 minutes on average. That means considerable savings in time compared to manual cleaning. While the machine is automatically cleaning the part, the operator can already prepare the next printing job. That increases productivity.

Furthermore, the liquid management technology of the coatWASH systems is sustainable, since the detergent, which can be used for all common coating types, is filtered. Thus, it can be used for many cleaning runs. The amount of fresh water needed is little as is the volume of waste water.

coatWASH system

anicolorWASH for ink chambers of the Heidelberger anicolor series

Based on the proven nonimpact process of the coatWASH cleaning machines, O.C. Agergaard GmbH has developed a special washing machine for the ink chambers of Heidelberger anicolor machines.

The anicolor machines are designed for small print jobs, which require frequent ink changes. That in turn results in a higher need for cleaning which is time consuming.

Increasing productivity by simoultaneous cleaning

In order to increase the productivity of the printing press by minimising down time due to cleaning, the anicolorWASH washing machine is designed for cleaning four chamber at the same time within a time span of just 20 minutes. Accordingly, more than 64 chambers can be cleaned per shift.

The special oscillation system takes care of thorough cleaning of the chambers:

Carefully adjusted high pressure nozzles, which are placed in the whole washing compartment, continuously spray cleaning detergent onto and into the chamber. At the same time, the chambers are moved laterally, so that the cleaning detergent reaches every corner of the chamber.

anicolorWASH loaded

Easy handling

In order to allow easy and secure handling, the ink chambers are placed horizontally in the washing compartment.

The navigation of the touchscreen control interface works intuitively for all requirements during daily operation and maintenance (e.g. changing detergent, changing filters). Written text is used instead of symbols to facilitate understanding.

Sustainable process due to closed cycle

The solvent based cleaning detergent runs through a closed cycle from the washing compartment through a filtering device back into the washing compartment, which allows a sustainable operation. Additionally, the anicolorWASH offers a lead-out for connection to a extraction unit for vapors.

A big German packaging printer has installed the first anicolorWASH in 2013.